Global Changes and Water Resources: Past, Present and Future


Workshop - Pisa, May 26-27 2022

Global warming represents the main challenge for present and future generations. An important consequence of ongoing temperature increase concerns water resources, particularly in terms of shifts in precipitation patterns and snow cover, as well as regional changes in the frequency of flooding and droughts.

These changes will have important social and economic implications which needs to be assessed in order to support the long-term protection of both environment and society. A deep understanding of past, present and possible future scenarios of changes in water resources is therefore a fundamental prerequisite for a well-grounded approach to cope with climate changes. For this reason, the “Master degree programm in environmental sciences of the University of Pisa” and their students have organized a two-day workshop held by outstanding international experts from various disciplines (e.g.paleoclimatology, archaeology, physical modelling, geochemistry, water management).

The aim is to illustrate to the broad audience of different stakeholders (academic, students, PhD students, policy makers), the background andcomplexity of the main climate issues and water resources, and how different approaches can provide important information on our near future. The initiative can be followed also in telematic.

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Organizing Committee

Monica Bini, Viviana Re, Adriano Ribolini e Gianni Zanchetta